Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In My Garden

We've had a pretty dry summer with a decent number of sunny days. All a boon for me because it means I can play more with my camera :-)

I don't really have too much to say about the camera, other than it's a Canon Powershot SX60 HS and it can take pictures of the moon :-) I've also got a few great long range photos on land. And I'm always playing with getting the most close up image I can.

Here are a few recent photos, some up close and some far far away!

(Fr Ted fans will get this reference!)

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aka St John's Wort

Drinker Moth
named because the caterpillars love drinking dew

Cinnabar Moth
variety: Tyria Jacobaeae
Cinnabar Moths feed on and lay their eggs on ragwort
Cinnabar Caterpillars are easily identified by their yellow and black
banded bodies and feeding on the ragwort where they hatched

Irish Honey Bee and Cinnabar Moth

Irish Honey Bee and Cinnabar Moth

Irish Honey Bee on Ragwort

Scarlet-Tailed Bumble Bee


Pied Wagtail (m)
named for their wagging tail while ground feeding

Pied Wagtail (baby)
having a rest after learning to fly

Ringneck Dove
a feed, a bath, and a nap

Goldfinch (f)

Goldfinch (m)
Feeding on thistle seeds by using a hard surface
to rub off the thistle fluff to get at the seed

sunbathing after a big feed and a roll in the dirt

Starling (m)

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. Click here to see other photos in my collection.

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