Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mama's Got a Canon

OK, So it's not a cannon, but a Canon. I can still shot things with it!

I recently took advantage of a great winter sale at a local electronics shop and finally picked up a new camera.

Long story short, I've previously broken two other cameras (one 35mm and one digital) from over-use, and a practically new Canon EOS 35mm is so outdated I can't find roll film anymore unless I special order.

I eventually upgraded to my first smartphone which has an 8 megapixel camera installed. And after a couple years, I upgraded again to a slightly larger smartphone with a 13mp camera. I got that last year.

Deep down though, for the last five years, it's been niggling me that I miss the feel of a proper camera in my hands. Author friend, Diana Cosby, has one of the new Powershots and shares loads of amazing pictures she's taken with it. So I had it in my mine to check out one for myself.

Then I caught the sale I couldn't pass up.

The Canon Powershot SX60 HS is supposed to be the top of the line in digital cameras so I can't wait to test it out. It's wi-fi enabled so I can send images to my Facebook if I want, to share on the go. And the zoom is incredible. Diana's images of the moon are so impressive that you know I have to break out the tripod for that! And with my upcoming visit home, I'll have loads of opportunities to snap some photos of the nephew. Can't wait!

This also means that I'm hoping to fill more pages here at Heart Shaped Stones. Last year was a bust because I was so busy with work, but I'm really hoping to be better this year. So, as they say . . . watch this space!