Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tree of Life

I just love the smell of leather in the morning!

I have to share this.

Today I received my leather cover for my Kindle 3 digital book reader, a birthday present to myself. This came from Oberon Design in Santa Rosa, CA, who've been in the business of hand crafting leather items from the late 60s.

We have several Oberon book covers, and when we got our Kindle readers we wanted something to protect them. Oberon was the natural choice. They have so many designs that it's hard to chose just one.

When I first saw The Tree of Life, I loved it. I tried to decide on other designs but always came back to this one.

Here's the cover opened to show the full scene. Stunning or what?

And here's the inside with my Kindle installed.

There is a small pocket on the left, and behind that and the device are larger pockets. The left side is padded to protect the device face.

And I'm sure you can't help but notice my custom screensaver on my Kindle!

AND, to finish it all off an amazingly stunning design is a matching pewter button. They even included a pewter charm with a matching tree motif.

What I'll do with it is still unknown. What I do know is I can't wait to sit down and start reading just so I can hold this cover in my hands.

BTW, I've named my cover Darragh, which is an Irish name meaning Mighty Oak. Silly to name a book cover, but as we're going to have a long relationship I figure we better be on first name terms!

Thanks, Oberon!!!